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35mmshrine 35mmshrine opublikował(a) wpis

It has always irked me when people commend a sci-fi movie for being good because it is "escaping the trappings of science fiction" or some such, as if science fiction was just some fluffy genre to look at shiny exploding things in space. It originated as a way to comment on society in a setting that is more accessible and safe, and is more easily swallowed by the general public. Sci-fi offers a freedom of expression that most other genres of film do not have.

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Shame (9)

Michael Fassbender needs to win the Oscar for 'Shame'. That is all.

9 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o The House of the Devil (6)

Interesting take on the horror genre. I actually really liked the terse, uneventful buildup, but the payoff was less than satisfactory.

6 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Red State (3)

Okay, so to be perfectly honest I didn't get through the entire film. I got about halfway through. The writing is horrid. The first part is really boring, and it doesn't exactly get better from there. Maybe it suddenly gets better from there, but in my experience if the script is still bad halfway through, the movie is not going to het that much better. This was one of those movies that has a really good trailer, so I guess I should have known it wouldn't actually be good.

3 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Blood: The Last Vampire (8)

This is such a cool fucking movie. I'm going to do an actual review later, but for now I'll just tell you how awesome this movie is. It isn't on Netflix, and I think it might be a little difficult to find, but if you do see it somewhere grab/watch it!

8 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o The Searchers (8)

I remember seeing watching this movie with my parents when I was about 6 or 7. I would sneak downstairs and watch the final scene of the party coming up to the house over and over again right before bed. The tape itself is now completely destroyed, but I still keep it around. I think that was the first time that I really started to understand the idea of movies having a hidden meaning or some sort of underlying message.

8 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o All About Eve (9)

Perfect double feature: 'All About Eve' and 'Being Julia'

9 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o The Room

I can't decide whether to give this movie a 1 or 10. There is no middle ground. This is the greatest terrible movie in the history of terrible movies. Words cannot convey how bad it is. Everyone must see this movie at some point in their lives, preferably with a group of people, and while playing some sort of drinking game.

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Inception (9)

I walked out of the theater grinning from ear to ear. I straight up loved this movie. Sure, there were some errors and it wasn't perfect, but it was something completely different than what was(and is) considered a summer blockbuster. SO enjoyable, especially for film buffs.

9 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o The Shining (9)

From the gorgeous opening sequence, to the final climactic chase, this film transfixes and grips you. The music fits perfectly, and the acting in superb (reportedly due to the fact that Kubrick basically terrorized his cast to get the performances he wanted).

9 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Days of Heaven (9)

This is the most beautifully photographed film I have ever seen. Malick and cinematographer Néstor Almendros' expert manipulation of natural light elevates this film to an almost obscenely gorgeous level. Also, apparently it was called 'Wheat: the Movie' in the Philippines.

9 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Shutter Island (5)

Wasn't really a big fan of this movie, but I discovered one of the most amazing songs off of the closing credits: Max Richter's chillingly beautiful reconfiguration of Dinah Washington's 'This Bitter Earth'.

5 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o The Others (8)

Such a surprisingly under appreciated film! Most of the people I've mentioned it to aren't familiar with it at all. Very well realized, worth a couple viewings back to back.

8 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (7)

I always find it so fascinating how often great comedians can give brilliant dramatic performances.

7 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Bruce Almighty (5)

A decently funny movie with some really hilarious moments courtesy of Jim Carrey.

5 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Minority Report (4)

Even though I can't get over the fact that in the future they seem to ignore the idea of some thing being transmitted wirelessly, it's still fun.

4 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o The Mask (1)

Seriously, why was this made?

1 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II (8)

Magical. Simply magical.

8 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o Battle Royale (6)

This is a very fun, inventive film. I was lucky enough to catch a showing at the Sunshine. I definitely enjoyed it more being able to see it on the big screen with an audience that was having as much fun as I was. The thing that I appreciate most about this film is the way that veers completely off course from what one might expect. There are so many clever (and quite realistic) plot twists that I loved. Even the very beginning where they are each given a "weapon" ... this is a really good film.

6 gwiazdki

35mmshrine 35mmshrine napisał(a) o One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (9)

This is one of my favorite films that are incredibly close to perfection. There is not a single aspects of this film that is not up to par. From the direction, to the performances, to the editing... everything works together so beautifully that you don't even notice how wonderful it is.

9 gwiazdki

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